Transparent conductive films for flat, flexible or formable touch devices

Canatu is a leading manufacturer of transparent conductive films for an entirely new class of touch applications. Canatu’s CNB™ Film product family consist of CNB™ Hi-Contrast FilmsCNB™ Flex Films and CNB™ In-Mold Films. They are are all based on a new type of carbon nanomaterial (Carbon NanoBud®), and a new Roll-to-Roll manufacturing process (Direct Dry Printing®), which combines the synthesis of the Carbon NanoBuds directly from carbon gases and direct deposition to the substrate in one single process. Canatu offers its customers next level of design freedom with its innovative technologies.

Canatu’s CNB transparent conductive films are designed for demanding touch sensors, paving the way for high-contrast touch displays also in flexible, foldable and 3D format.

Canatu’s high-quality CNB Films serve touch module and display companies in the rapidly-expanding markets of mobile phones, tablets, cameras, wearable consumer devices, white goods, home appliances and automotive. Canatu also supplies CNB touch sensors for touch module prototyping and small to medium volume production.

Canatu can help electronics hardware companies and brand names who are seeking ways to differentiate products, reduce production costs and increase product performance. Existing materials such as silicon, metals and metal oxides are expensive, not flexible, stretchable or transparent, and require complex and bulky support structures. Moreover, these traditional technologies are reaching their performance limits. With Canatu’s CNB Films it is possible to replace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) in capacitive touch sensors using existing driving electronics.



Key benefits of CNB Films
  • Flexible and 3D formed touch devices
    • Enables new level of design freedom
  • Improves touch display contrast
    • CNB™ sensors provide outstanding contrast and outdoor readability in touch displays due to ultra-low reflectivity and haze
    • Highest transmission of any conductive carbon nanomaterials
  • Increased battery life due to higher contrast
    • Higher contrast enables lower backlight power
  • Cost competitiveness
    • Reduced total system cost due to a simple sensor manufacturing process
  • Fast turnaround in development and production
    • Invisible patterns and no need for pattern tuning for each display
  • Green carbon technology
    • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process with no toxic wet chemistry

Canatu opened a CNB Film and sensor manufacturing plant in Helsinki, Finland in October 2013.  The plant manufactures CNB touch sensors in addition to the CNB Films. The sensor volumes are aimed for special applications and pilot production. The company has numerous customer projects underway, and CNB technology is being evaluated by over 40 companies worldwide.  A high-volume CNB Film manufacturing plant is planned to open in late 2014.

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