Transparent conductive CNB Flex Film is specifically designed for touch displays and touch devices in which the touch sensor will be bent, folded, flexed or otherwise repeatedly manipulated in the end-use environment. CNB™ Flex Film is unbeatable for high reliability in extreme bending and flexing applications. CNB Flex film sensors are not limited by material brittleness or metal fatigue, they do not constrain the application to a certain large bend radius option or to limited bend operations. No other material comes close to 100,000 bends with just 1mm bend radius.

CNB Flex Film benefits:

Unleashing new creative industrial designs
With bending radii below 1mm CNB Flex Films enable virtually unlimited design freedom

Ultimate viewing experience in touch displays
CNB touch sensors improve the contrast up to 40% due to ultra-low reflectivity and haze

Increased battery life in portable devices
Higher contrast enables the use of lower backlight power to increase battery life up to 20%

Cost competitiveness
Reduced total system cost due to a simple sensor manufacturing process

Fast turnaround in production and development
Invisible patterns and no need for pattern tuning for each display

Green carbon technology
No toxic wet chemistry

Next generation touch devices:

CNB Flex Film

See our product brief regarding CNB™ Flex Film performance.