Transparent conductive CNB In-Mold Films are optimized for 3D capacitive touch displays and touch surfaces in smart watches, white goods control panels, automobile center consoles and dashboards, connected user interface devices and curved, portable electronic devices. CNB In-Mold Films can be easily formed into shape using standard industrial In-Mold processes such as Film Insert Molding (FIM).

CNB In-Mold Film unleashes design possibilities previously not available to industrial and UX designers; this enables a simple manufacturing process and a new paradigm with true 3D touch surfaces. Our film’s unique stretch and form capability enables its use in direct injection molded applications such as Film Insert Molding (or In Mold Labelling); this means that you can create touch sensors in the shape you and your customers want. We have worked very hard to ensure that CNB In-Mold Films can be used in common industry-standard molding and forming processes. No customized equipment is required, no specialized treatments or settings.

CNB In-Mold Film benefits:

Enables new creative industrial designs
With bending radius below 1 mm and stretchability up to 120%,  CNB In-Mold Films enable virtually unlimited design freedom

Replaces mechanical controls with touch

Simple sensor manufacturing process
Using industry standard processes for thermo-forming and injection molding

Next generation touch devices:

See our product brief regarding CNB™ In-Mold Film performance.