Canatu’s  fundamental inventions enable a broad range of “green”, low cost, better performing optical and electronic devices.

Canatu’s products will replace many components in these devices now made with traditional materials such as silicon, metals and metal oxides and enable a new generation of flexible, thermoformable, transparent and robust devices. For example, the company is now demonstrating simple, but complete, carbon-based (non-silicon or metal based) integrated circuits in the laboratory.

Near-Term and Ongoing product development

Canatu’s platform materials, production and device technologies are applicable to a number of commercial domains. Canatu is developing products and technologies for the following applications in addition to our currently launched touch films and sensors:

Films for:

  • Haptic interfaces

Flexible and formable transparent conductor films for:Displays

  • OLED lighting
  • Organic Solar Cells


Long-term Canatu will enable a wealth of new products

In the longer term Canatu’s technologies can be used for entirely new applications, and to improve both the functional performance and production efficiency, yield and costs of existing, basic electronic components such as conductors, resistors, capacitors, transistors.

Canatu also has the ability to produce freestanding NanoBud® films which can enable several applications. These application potentials for Canatu can be classified generally into four basic categories according to Canatu’s readiness to enter the market. These are:

  • ITO Replacement Products for solar and lighting applications
  • Silicon Replacement Products for thin film electronics (transistors & integrated circuits)
  • Thick and Freestanding Film Products for sensor and filter applications
  • Functionalized Thick Film Markets for active layers in solar and lighting applications
  • Bulk and High Surface Area products for energy storage and composite applications


Canatu welcomes discussions with customers interested in developing such products for long term application needs.