Canatu has started it’s commercial activities in 2008. Following chart is summarizing other historical milestones.


The company was established as a spin-off from the Helsinki University of Technology. Founding partners include four leading senior scientists from materials, characterization and aerosol technologies; Esko Kauppinen, David Brown, Albert Nasibulin, Hua Jiang.


Canatu partnered with Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, to prepare Canatu for seed financing. By December 2007, Canatu secured seed funding to commercialize its core technology.


Canatu recruited its first employees and in summer 2008 established the 1.75 million Euro Tekes E-Bud project.


Canatu was able to demonstrate in a small scale the synthesis of carbon NanoBud® (CNB).


Canatu raised 4.70 million Euro A-Series private and government funding.


Canatu moved to new manufacturing facilities in Konala, Helsinki. Since the move, Canatu has been able to scale the production rate over 1000 times compared to first development reactors.

Risto Vuohelainen Joins Canatu as a new CEO. Canatu focuses market offering to touch.


Canatu was able to demonstrate the first manufacturing scale Direct-on-Substrate carbon nanomaterial deposition on PET in the world.

Canatu has signed and delivered significant Joint Development Agreements with its customers. The aim of the JDAs has been to prove the concept of CNB™ based touch sensors in end products.


Canatu closed 9 M USD B- Series private and government funding.

Pilot plant opened in Helsinki, Finland. Plant is capable of manufacturing CNB™ films and CNB™ sensors in proto, pilot and small/medium volumes.


Canatu’s CNB™ Film based 13.3” tablet design passes Windows 8 Compatibility tests.

Canatu releases CNB based film family for flat, flexible and 3D formed touch sensors.