Canatu wants to guarantee a smooth transition of their customers’ product from idea to development and finally to manufacturing. Efficient integration of CNB™ Film requires careful coordination between touch sensor and module vendors, display makers, and touch controller companies.

To make integration easy, Canatu partners with well-known touch sensor, module, display and touch controller partners in Asia, Europe and North America.

Canatu Sensor Qualification Program

Canatu’s Sensor Qualification Program focuses on qualifying sensor makers to produce CNB™ Film based touch sensors used in flat or flexible touch displays and touch sensitive surfaces. Dry processing of CNB™ touch sensors requires proven competencies in laser patterning of CNB™ Films.

The qualification program focuses particularly on employing CNB™ Hi-Contrast and CNB™ Flex Films in film-based flat or flexible GF1 (Glass-Film), GFF (Glass-Film-Film), PF1 (Plastic-Film) or PFF (Plastic-Film-Film) transparent touch sensors.


Benefits of the partner program

  • Offering brand original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) an easy, fast and risk-free way to adapt new Carbon NanoBud®-based touch technology into their electronics products
  • Offering sensor makers  the possibility to give their customers a unique, price-competitive, state-of-the-art touch technology for applications requiring high contrast and new design forms

If you are interested in applying to our Sensor Qualification Program, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will tell more about the qualification criteria and the process to gain our exclusive certification.

Canatu’s partners include:

Touch sensor and module partners
Display partners
Touch controller partners

Canatu’s CNB™ sensors are “plug and play” compatible with standard chips that are already used for existing touch sensors. This greatly simplifies the implementation of CNB™ sensors and allows you to use your preferred chip partner for your application.

Interested in partnering with Canatu?

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